Al Jesse's Moto Journey: From Jesse Luggage to Moto Manufacturing | Motorcycle Luggage in Seattle

Al Jesse

Al Jesse's Moto Journey: From Jesse Luggage to Moto Manufacturing | Motorcycle Luggage in Seattle

In 1985, Al Jesse was riding his bike across the Sahara following the Paris to Dakar route. While riding, he realized there was a big gap in the market - there was practically no motorcycle luggage available for adventure riders.

Market's Need for a Reliable Bike Boxes

'I came up with the idea to make aluminum travel Seattle Motorcycle Luggage. Being on the road myself, I wanted to create something that would work in any conditions and that would last. A traveler's bike is his home, and I knew people needed something reliable. I designed my first set of boxes out of cardboard in a friend's garage in New Zealand. When I got back to the States, I made the first aluminum set in Monterey, CA'.

And that's how Jesse Luggage, a company that now sells motorcycle luggage worldwide, was born.

'In the very beginning, our biggest challenge was keeping up with production! It took almost three we had even one set in stock , remembers Al.

 The Secret to Success 

 According to him, the key to the success of Jesse Luggage was all about hard work and long hours. And the quality and durability of the product. Our boxes got so popular that people even held 'Jesse Luggage' pannier installation parties. For the first few years, we didn't have instruction manuals that described how to install the racks and the panniers, so people would get together and help each other with the assembly. To date, the highest mileage for a set of Jesse Luggage panniers is 465000 miles and counting'.

So, what should you look for if you're shopping for Motorcycle Parts Store? According to Al Jesse, this is what you should pay attention to:

  • Make sure the boxes are made of aluminum, anything less will not last long.
  • Narrow, well-welded boxes will fit your bike better.
  • Look for multi-angled boxes. Having multiple angles on your panniers means they're more durable and will have better crash protection.
  • Simple design. You want to be able to fix your panniers anywhere in the world!

From Jesse Luggage to Moto Manufacturing

After successfully selling Jesse Luggage to an enthusiastic successor, Al Jesse could have retired and gone for another round-the-world journey on his motorcycle. Instead, he founded a new company, Moto Manufacturing.

 When asked about this, Al says he just couldn't help himself. For the first time in decades, I had the time just to go and ride my bike. But, when I ride, I always think about solutions for all kinds of problems that stock motorcycles have. So many things on stock bikes don't make sense, and I love thinking about different ways to fix the problem , explains Al. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, where things often had to be fixed or re-made from scratch, Al was always fascinated by the Motorcycle Products creative process.

Learning From Customers

'Before Jesse Luggage, I was a motorcycle mechanic. I would learn new things every day. For example, having a customer whose bike wouldn't run and finding out there were six plastic toys in the engine (the customer had a six-year-old son!) Jesse Luggage was a natural next step, and now with Moto Manufacturing, I'm hoping to invent smart Motorcycle Parts that will help riders to make it all about the ride, not the details!' says Al. Moto Manufacturing's first product, MirrorLok, is currently trending on Kickstarter. Installed on the handlebars, MirrorLok extends the mirrors, offering a significantly better rear-view, minimizing mirror vibration at speed, and it functions as a helmet and gear lock. Made from machined aluminum with a black powder finish, MirrorLok weighs a mere three ounces and helps motorcyclists to see better, and to keep their gear safely.

'I decided to launch MirrorLok on Kickstarter because it's an amazing platform where people can get involved in the whole process. It's a very exciting time right now,' says Al. Click Here For More:

Al Jesse

Al Jesse's Moto Journey: From Jesse Luggage to Moto Manufacturing | Motorcycle Luggage in Seattle