Jesse Luggage Systems Odyssey II Panniers Review : Seattle Motorcycle Accessories


The install was speedy, and everything bolted up cleanly and effortlessly. It was so simple that you didn't need to look at the directions until mounting was completed, but only to ensure there were no mistakes. The racks look clean with the bags off and hug the bodywork. It only takes minutes to pull the racks off if you want to run soft luggage without them or just want a 'rack-free' bike for commuting.

Features And Functions

 Jesse Bags are designed for single-handed operation for getting them on and off. The locking mechanism is a single handle spin lock that can be locked or loosened with one hand. The security locks double as handles for carrying the bags when off the bike.

There's a spring-loaded retaining rack in the lid of each pannier that can be used for clothing, riding gear, or kit, and it can also be operated with one hand. The lids have a resistance feature built into the hinges, so the bags can be opened and will stay partially open.

This means you don't have to fully expose the contents to the elements. Bags are fully welded and completely waterproof.

Jesse Bags Customers Benefit

One benefit for Top Luggage Brands customers is that the company manufactures and stocks all the parts for the racks and bags, so if anything wears out, you can quickly order replacements. The company will even do any necessary repairs.

The lid locking mechanisms are the simplest latches, and the fit and finish are top-notch. Every customer that buys from Jesse Luggage Systems has their order recorded with the lock number, so replacement keys are easy to obtain. If you later order a trunk, they'll automatically send it setup for your side bags.

Jesse Bags are fully welded, with lots of seams and creases that make them the sturdiest aluminum panniers on the market. Motorcycle Parts And Accessories made by Jesse Luggage are all premium luggage system that's extremely resistant to denting and other damage.